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   We offer Largest selection of Soybeans, Soybeans Meal,Sisal fiber, Lentils, Cashew nuts,Cocoa Beans Macadamia nuts,Black pepper,White corn and yellow maize, Arabica and Robusta coffee,Mushrooms,Vanila Beans,Sesame seeds, Chickpease,Red pepper,Red kidney beans, Turmeric,Cloves,Passion fruits, White speckled beans,Pigeon Peas, Tea,Tobacco, Green Mung Beans,Banana,Cabbages, Carrots, Sugarcane, Shea Nuts, Cherry Tomatoes, Collards, Butternut Squash, Broccoli,Papaya, Orange,Chestnut, Avocado,pear, Sorghum, Millet etc. Don Kam Group Ltd  can supply these products in large quantities.

The higher quality of products and their large variety allowed the opening of a national and foreign lasting market. 

Our Philosophy

  Absolute customer satisfaction - Partner: which means in simple words effective in what is planned and decided jointly. Human relations: which creating the foundation for mutual trust and cooperation with our customers. Self-esteem: as a prerequisite for a genuine partnership with customer With drivers knowledge, competitiveness, quality, consistency combined with honesty, offer essential services to high level depending on the needs of our customers and the marketplace. We are one of the major suppliers of  Agricultural products in Uganda and East Africa.

   We offer a bespoke service to our clients, which encompasses precise product specifications, just-in-time deliveries, varying carton weights,
own-label packaging, pre-packing the product for food-service and retail packing.

  Our team's collective experience is firmly rooted in supplying all of the major  cereal manufacturers, snack food packers/processors and related industries. Certifications
Specialty and Cultural
Maintaining Good quality with consistent parameters these Products have placed Don Kam Group Ltd in commanding position in the Domestic and Overseas Markets. Company‚Äôs products are sold through well knit countrywide distribution network in domestic markets and the Exports 
DonKam Group Ltd is supply in Sisal fiber,Lentils,passion fruits, cashew nuts,Shea nuts,macadamia nuts, Black pepper, White and Yellow Maize, Arabica & Robusta coffee, dry red pepper, Vanila Beans, Sesame seeds, Chick Pease, red kidney beans, Millet,Sorghum,Turmeric,
Cocoa beans,  Cloves, Green Mung Beans etc .Our Company has more than 500 Staffs
Jobs & careers at Don Kam Group Ltd. We are one of the largest suppliers  in East Africa. In Uganda, we have supplied our quality products locally and worldwide since 2007 to our clients demands.

Don Kam
Group Ltd ( Uganda)

An ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company
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